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Some days, the best recipe for the day itself is to press pause on the world and curl up in the cozy clothes and enjoy something warm and deeply nourishing.

I love garlic on just about everything. I love roasted vegetables most any time. The match is just meant to be.

Veggie-rockin' is serious business.  So, yeah, we tossed it in a "cheesy" sauce that's not really cheese but tastes like cheese to give you a veggie-licious dish remniscent of traditional American dishes, but, you know, with a ton of nutrients.

*While you can make this one any day, this would also be a great one for the holidays. Easy, delicious, healthy. What more could …

Yes, this makes one large batch and for very good reason!  What a great mix up in a holiday spread while still perfectly quaint for a mid-week family meal.

It was love at first bite. They just couldn’t keep their hands off of them!

This Mexican Rice is incredibly easy and scrumptious and presents beautifully.

An easy side for a summer's eve fiesta. Use as a side dish, condiment or filler - yes scrumptious and versatile. Love it.

Badabing badaboom! Rock it out with this quick and easy pilaf!

Fried rice is ridiculously easy, inexpensive and fast!  Bring it with the freshest ingredients to give the family a nutrient-dense family favorite.

Spring rolls are incredibly easy and flexible.  They make a great food to prepare with children, getting them hands on in the kitchen!

What a cool, dairy-free alternative to traditional mac'n'cheese, huh?

Fresh Asian flavors come together into this light and scrumptious dish.

Fresh basil and tomatoes deck out raw zucchini pasta in this quick and easy summer dish.

Delectable bites that make the perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic.

Proof that a little Mediterranean flair can make most anything remarkably better.

This simple Spring-fresh dish makes for an easy go-to on those warming Spring days.

Bold flavor and a beautifully orchestrated combination of textures makes this one of those recipes your family is sure to love and you’re sure to enjoy making time and time again.

This is the first homemade bread I learned how to make and the spark that ignited my passion for making these spectacular breads from …

This recipe is ridiculously fast and easy, and quite flexible. The pesto can be subbed out for pizza sauce, hummus, or any number of other dips or spreads.

I love curling up on a cool day with a warming bowl of this heart goodness. The fresh add-ons on top totally set it off. Yum!

Sometimes Momma “just ain’t got time for all of that!” This dish comes together, quickly and easily, is healthful and is plentiful in flavor and aroma. Enjoy! Ingredients 2 lg. Sweet Yellow Onions, diced 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus extra for drizzling 1 ½ cups White Jasmine Rice, prepared as per package […]

An incredibly simple and a great alternative where you’re trying to add more plant-based nutrition into the family’s diet

This dish keeps that spoon just repeatedly hitting that bowl with a unique and incredibly scrumptious blend of flavors!

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Loving what you’re wearing while in the gym. 

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