Delightful & Defiantly Delicious

Who says dessert has to be “off-plan” or carry you away from your goals?  Many of these recipes are equally suited going from a breakfast to a dessert to a rocket fuel pre-workout meal.  

Eat ’em and weep, baby!

My kind of nibbles'n'bits - a great way to satisfy cravings while sticking to the plan.

Forget what you heard. Healthy weight-cut food can also be dang delicious!

When I say this is THE Apple Pie, I mean it is seriously THE APPLE PIE. 

A delicious pre-workout treat boasting omega 3’s, proteins, fiber and nutrients out the wazoo!

This spread is versatile in use, being just as good on toast as it is as a base to a creamy dressing.

So good and so good for you, this sippable dessert brings together fresh and decadent seamlessly.

Hands down - the best chocolate cake, vegan or not, I have ever put in my mouth.

The warming spices paired alongside the pears in this beautiful and delicious pie.

Seriously, I love this ice cream makeover. It is ridiculously simplistic and so much better for the family than the alternatives.

You can hardly get any more instant than this one going from frozen fruit to dessert in seconds...

Creamy cool vanilla bean goodness delivers an excellent, healthful alternative when you just want ice cream.

What a fun, tropical twist on traditional puddings!

A truly decadent, rich chocolate pudding.

A delicious and healthFULL alternative to the classic Frosty.

...Cause sometimes you just need chocolate and you need it stat!

These are the kind of little handheld delicacies that just totally debunks all the notions of the naysayers who think healthful eating can't also be delicious.

Boost brain power and snack time all in one shot with this easy sweet walnut spread.

This recipe is so easy and the cream adds such a delicious, creamy touch to most any fruit or breakfast dish.

Rich.  Sweet.  Creamy.  Delicious.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor and double or triple this recipe to have some to enjoy later (or share, maybe).

Happen to have your eye out for a super easy, power-packed snack to drop in the kids lunch boxes (or have stashed in the fridge)? Look no further.

This easy sauce adds such a delicious, creamy touch to most any fruit or breakfast dish.

Weilding nothing more than a blender and a spoon, you and your family too can enjoy shaved ice from home, knowing that it is tastier, cheaper and a bajillion times healthier than those food truck alternatives!

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My kind of nibbles'n'bits - a great way to satisfy cravings while sticking to the plan.

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What’s better than being in the gym?  

Loving what you’re wearing while in the gym. 

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