Snacks, Dips & Spreads

Put that pep back in your step with healthy nibbles & bits!

Forget those salt, fat and sugar-laden snacks that only leave you lacking!  Munch on these simple snacks instead!

One can hardly underestimate the power behind healthful snacking.  In a time where so much of our food is so lacking in nutrients, we should be mindful to go for best quality with ALL of our food choices.

Here’s to choosing snacks that pop with flavor and put that pep right back in your step!

My kind of nibbles'n'bits - a great way to satisfy cravings while sticking to the plan.

Whether you're vegan or not, most store-bought pepperoni's are HORRIBLE in terms of health.  Fat, preservatives, whatchmacallit add-ins...no thank you.

This spread is versatile in use, being just as good on toast as it is as a base to a creamy dressing.

So, I’m not exactly the “genius” that came up with the idea of making a dessert out of one of my favorite foods, the …

Fresh basil and tomatoes deck out raw zucchini pasta in this quick and easy summer dish.

One thing I absolutely love about recipes like this is that they’re super easy, flexible and help even those most adamantly averse to the …

Boost brain power and snack time all in one shot with this easy sweet walnut spread.

Rich.  Sweet.  Creamy.  Delicious.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor and double or triple this recipe to have some to enjoy later (or share, maybe).

An easy fall dippable bringing decadent flavor.

Looking for an easy way to add in more incredible omega 3's with fiber and a wealth of other nutrients?

Loaded with protein and incredibly easy to make, this is delicious alternative to traditional hummus.

I have to say, out of all the guacamole recipes that can be found, this one ranks high amongst my favorites!  This recipe only …

My kids LOVE these!  Seriously!  Think your kids would never eat kale?  Think again!  These just might be the solution you’ve been looking for!  …

Who doesn't love a good BBQ chip or 10 alongside a summer sandwich, salad or wrap?   We just love that we can enjoy these without the indigestion.  Fire it up for summer, by all means, but let's keep it cool on the esophagus, shall we?

Alternative snacking at its best, my friend.  These really are really good.  Addictive actually.  Seriously, a must try in my book. Ingredients 1 large …

A luxury twist on a scrumptious classic, this bruschetta always keeps them coming back for more.

Mix it.  Match it.  Make it your own.  Enjoy!

These little poppables make great nibbles'n'bits for snack time, plate well for lunch or dinner and go great on salads.  Dip 'em.  Pop 'em.  Share 'em!  ...or don't.  We're not telling.

Out to leave a legacy of incredibly scrumptious eats? This one is definitely one for the books. Yum!

Get to munchin' in minutes without reaching for the leave-you-in-a-funk junk.

This easy sauce adds such a delicious, creamy touch to most any fruit or breakfast dish.

more from my kitchen

Make your friends green with envy when they see your youthful glow and energy.

Delicious, healthy pancakes made in a blender. Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, flour-free and without added sugar.

My kind of nibbles'n'bits - a great way to satisfy cravings while sticking to the plan.

Elevate your holiday plate with healthy, guilt-free, wholesome AND delicious holiday swaps that allow you to savor the seasons.

Rock the Wear

What’s better than being in the gym?  

Loving what you’re wearing while in the gym. 

Level Up Your Life

Knowledge is power.  Be sure to check out the Defiance blog where I share some of my favorite tips, tools and info for helping you on your journey to win in your health and win at life. 

End the Snack-o-tage with these strategies to stop the grazing.

Show your heart some love with these amazing, heart-healthy foods!

Looking to build muscle without trashing your body? I was too. Here's what I learned.

If there’s one challenge I think most moms face among the many other challenges of parenting, its how to stay motivated to …

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