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Get on point with a program built to meet YOUR goals and needs. Work with me live or drop it all in your pocket and take it with you.

Nutritional coaching sessions are built to help you achieve health freedom with sustainable results. In our one-on-one sessions, I will walk alongside you on your journey to goal achievement.

Note: Please be sure you review our policies prior to purchasing services and be advised that all new clients should expect to enroll for their first month or at least 4 sessions up front to encourage commitment, consistency and provide time to establish a working relationship between coach and client. Packages beyond may be discussed and tailored to suit client’s personal needs and goals.

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    Real Food Revamp

    Cut the crap and shut out the noise.  Getting your eating on point doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) complicated …

Nutritional Coaching packages

Please see descriptions for the Initial Consultation and Nutritional Counseling under our A La Carte services below.


1 Month (3 Sessions)
$ 299
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals
  • 2 Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)


3 Months (6 Sessions)
$ 549
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • 5 Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)
  • Progress Tracking & Feedback
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals
  • E-mail/Text Message Support between Sessions


6 Months (12 Sessions)
$ 999
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals
  • 11 Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)
  • Progress Tracking & Feedback
  • E-mail/Text Message Support between Sessions

A La Carte Nutritional Services

Custom Nutrition Plan

Program Development
$ 149 Initial Planning
  • Custom plan based on your nutritional goals
  • Macro recommendation based on your metabolic profile
  • Caloric breakdown with food suggestions and portions based on your Macro plan
  • Focused food planning for weight loss, gains, sports performance and overall wellness
  • Balance Your Gut & Your Body
  • Improve Energy & Focus
  • Healthy, Sustainable Nutritional Planning
  • Plans to accomodate dietary needs and preferences, including: gluten-free, low-glycemic and more
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian options available
  • No Crash Diets

Initial consultation

Initial consultation must be completed as part of initial onboarding for nutritional counseling.
$ 149 One-Time Fee
  • One-on-One Session Live or Online
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • Strategic Goal Assessment
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Tools & Resources to Jumpstart Your Journey
  • Everything in the Personal Nutrition Plan FREE upon signup for counseling services

Nutritional Counseling

Continued support to help you navigate obstacles and stay on track
$ 75 Per Session
  • One-on-One Coaching Session Live or Online
  • Text Message Support between Sessions
  • Tracking & Feedback*
  • Behavior Change Coaching
  • Genuine Vested Interest in Your Success
  • 4-Session Minimum to Start

Private Grocery Store Tour

Available live in select locations and via video call outside of the Lancaster, PA area
$ 149 per tour
  • In Your Tour We'll Discuss:
  • Which foods are better choices and how to incorporate them into your diet
  • How to read labels and understand what you’re really buying
  • How to increase fruit and vegetable intake (without feeling like a rabbit)
  • How to save money while making healthy food selections
  • Ideas for healthy snacking and sweet treats
  • Easy add-ins to boost nutrition
  • Meal ideas with suggestions on how to boost flavor while keeping intake in check
  • Custom experience based on household dynamics and dietary preferences

What is a grocery store tour?

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming – particularly as you’re trying to learn what you should be (and maybe shouldn’t be) buying to keep your goals and planning on track.

A grocery store tour is a hands-on education session where we take what we’re learning into the real world.  This will give us the opportunity to make our way through the grocery store, getting a live look at how to navigate each aisle to get the goods for healthy living.

meet me in the kitchen

I believe that in order for healthy living to be sustainable, healthy eating needs to be enjoyable.  Feel free to comb through some of my recipes for ideas on how you can bring more healthy eats into your kitchen. 

Green juice of spinach, apples and lemon

Make your friends green with envy when they see your youthful glow and energy.

Delicious, healthy pancakes made in a blender. Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, flour-free and without added sugar.

My kind of nibbles'n'bits - a great way to satisfy cravings while sticking to the plan.

Elevate your holiday plate with healthy, guilt-free, wholesome AND delicious holiday swaps that allow you to savor the seasons.

Level Up Your Life

Knowledge is power.  Be sure to check out the Defiance blog where I share some of my favorite tips, tools and info for helping you on your journey to win in your health and win at life. 

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

Show your heart some love with these amazing, heart-healthy foods!

Vegan protein sources

Looking to build muscle without trashing your body? I was too. Here's what I learned.

If there’s one challenge I think most moms face among the many other challenges of parenting, its how to stay motivated to …

Viking woman in a traditional warrior clothes

It’s really quite tragic that so many simply accept and expect that they’re going to spend much of the winter miserable, depressed …

Rock the Wear

What’s better than being in the gym?  

Loving what you’re wearing while in the gym.