Turn your plate into a platform for the healthy, vibrant life you want to live.

It’s where it all started for me – my trek back to health and wellness. Here I was in my 20’s with 2 kids and already on a massive decline in my health. Something had to change. I had to change.

I pouted, I sulked, I drudged through self-hatred and depression…

As I prayed it through, I felt the Lord was leading me to an 11-week an initiative to overhaul my eating. Little did I know then He’d use it to overhaul my life and thrust me into this – my passion and my purpose.

I’ve since gone on to not only see amazing things realized in my own life but to take up the call to help others do the same.

You have so much more ahead of you than you could possibly imagine. I need you healthy enough to run that race with all you’ve got.

You don’t need a college degree to feed your family the healthiest foods on the planet. So many experts go over the top to give you all the wonderful stats and studies, showing you how well-rounded and smart they are. I’m nerdy. I love the stats and studies. What I DON’T love is taking something that should be incredibly simple and complicating it so we look smart while you walk away even more confused. Not cool.

Let’s not make this overly complicated.

I want to help you to find those “easy button” solutions that make healthy living sustainable for you. Beyond that, I want to help you discover foods you love and workouts you can’t get enough of because I understand that in order for this to be sustainable, it also has to be enjoyable.

We’re going to get you there.

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Real Food Revamp cuts through the noise and gives you an easy run down on how to fuel your body. I’ve even included some really cool extras that are going to make it so stupid simple to nail healthy eating through the week.

You’re getting:

+ SIMPLE but SOLID principles for Optimal Health

+ My personal BLUEPRINTS for EASILY creating incredible, healthy dishes on the fly

 + 2 weeks of WORKOUTS with access to demo videos (totally recyclable to rewind-repeat for even better results!)

 + Access to my exercise library with OVER 100 EXERCISES that can be done with little to no equipment at home or on the go.

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