It’s time to stop playing the victim of others, yourself and your circumstances.

It’s time for the champion in you to awaken to the day that’s before you – not years from now but RIGHT NOW.

I get it. Many of us feel stuck, beaten, overwhelmed…bombarded with everyone’s opinions as to how you should eat, what we should look like or who we should be. (All the while all they’re really suggesting is that you get just as stuck as they are.) Screw that. It’s time for you to rise up, to take a stand for YOU.

Can you tell I’ve had enough? I’ve had enough of the social norms, trends and next-big-thing bull crap. I’m fed up with the rigid legalism that makes them rich by making us feel like chumps, heifers and failures. It used to weigh me down. It used to be the club I beat myself with in the mirror thinking I was fat, ugly and worthless.

No. Screw the noise and screw them.

Who are they to tell me a woman who’s body has reared children is somehow inferior to the body of a woman that’s never reared life?

Who are they to burden us with their expectations of who we should be?

I’m just fine with my age. I just keep getting better.

I’m good with my size. I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been.

I’m happy with my gender, my strengths, my abilities and my potential to accomplish AMAZING things on the other side of simply showing up in life. It’s a blessing – not just my blessing but yours too.

I get to be happy with who I am not just knowing what I’ve been through but getting to be excited about where I’m going. I get to be excited about teaming up with you to help you get where you want to be too.

I get that the road is long, the obstacles seem insurmountable and time and there will be days when you no longer see the point but, I’m here to tell you that you’re totally worth it and that I know you can get that but before I can help you, I need you to reach deep within and determine that you are ready to take that stand for yourself.

I need you to resolve to be victorious in defiance of every challenge before you and everyone who ever doubted you (especially yourself) – I’m talking straight tenacity for the people and the things that really matter to you. I’m not just talking about training to reach some ideal weight or earn some medal – that’s all swell but none of that means a thing if you don’t stand victorious in your mind, in your body, in your family – in your life.

It’s here, I stand in defiance.


You ready to stand in defiance with me?