Make-Your-Own Raw Crepes, Tortillas & Wraps

There are many recipes out there for different styles of raw crepes, tortillas and wraps.  While the ingredient combinations may vary, the method of preparation is pretty standard.  (For brevity, we’re just going to refer to these all as wraps.)

Wraps are generally made using fruits (sweet or unsweet),  and a binder, such as ground flax or Psyllium husk, which you most always add last, after you’ve blended everything else smoothly.   Depending on what you are using as your base produce item, you may want to add something to keep it more pliable.  Zucchini and young coconuts are most often used for this purpose.

Step 1

Blend your desired ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor until smooth.  If you need to add water to yield a smoother consistency, you can.  Remember, it’s going into the dehydrator anyway and your binder is also going to absorb much of the moisture.

Step 2

Add flax (meal), chia (meal), psyllium husk or other binder until well incorporated.

Step 3

Scoop mixture onto a lined dehydrator tray.  If making large wraps, you’ll only want to make one per tray.  For small tortillas or crepes, you can pour 4 per tray.

Step 4

Use an offset spatula to spread mixture into thin discs.  You may also use the back of the spatula to better round out the edges.

Step 5

Place trays in your dehydrator and dry until desiccated but still pliable.  This generally takes 4-6 hours.  For large tortillas, you may have to flip onto mesh trays and allow additional drying time.

Step 6

Place wraps in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.  For larger wraps, I like to roll and wrap them individually with saran.

Step 7

When ready to use, remove desired number of wraps from the fridge and allow to set on the counter while you prepare whatever you intend to fill them with.  This will knock the chill off and make them easier to roll.

Wraps generally keep 1 month in the fridge.

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