Lean Vegan Mixed Vegetable Miso Soup

Some days you feel like you could tackle the moon and take on the stars. Some days… not so much.

Some days, the best recipe for the day itself is to press pause on the world and curl up in the cozy clothes and enjoy something warm and deeply nourishing.

At the present, I’m making my way through fight camp in preparation to compete in Cascavel, Brazil in the 2022 WAKO Pan-American Championships. I can’t tell you how many hours have been dedicated to traveling, training and counting virtually every gram, ounce and milliliter on the kitchen scale to watch every ounce on the bath scale.

With just less than two weeks until my flight leaves Philly, I’m in the home stretch. With that, I find myself faced with the dilemma of countless athletes at this point on the timeline – where is the balance between training hard and training smart?

Surely the answer varies greatly from athlete to athlete but let’s be real – the “no days off” mentality sounds straight all-in, 120, beast-mode but doesn’t truly pan out in producing a peak performing athlete. It produces fatigue, impaired performance, weakened immunity, overtraining and potential burnout.

At 37 years old and ever full of grit, this one is typically a hard one for me to lock in on. I tend to burn the candle at both ends and in the middle and still expect to show up as wonder woman.

Today, is not that day. Today is a day to be nourished (not binging but enjoying wholesome plant-based nutrition to help the body heal), rest and to resolve to trust where I am in the process.

…and tomorrow – BACK TO THE GYM!

But, for today, miso soup.


Lean Vegan Mixed Vegetable Miso Soup

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An easy, soul nourishing soup to pick you up when you're feeling under the weather.
22.9g Protein | 27.3g Carbohydrates | 8.6g Fat
Course Soup
Cuisine Japanese
Keyword 10 Minutes or Less, Comfort Food, Healthy Soup, Healthy Vegan, Healthy Vegetarian
Servings 2
Calories 271
Author Coach LT


  • 1 Quart Ocean's Halo Miso Broth
  • 2 Sheets Roasted Seaweed
  • 1 Bag 365 Organic Stir Fry Blend (16 oz Stir Fry Blend)
  • 146 g Wildwood Organic High Protein Tofu
  • Trader Joe's Umami Seasoning to taste
  • 1 Package House Foods Tofu Shirataki, Fettuccine
  • Sesame Seeds optional for garnish


  • Place vegetable blend and broth in a pot and heat to a low boil.
  • Turn heat down to a simmer and cook until vegetables are just tender but not overcooked.
  • Lightly coat tofu in Umami Seasoning and grill until lightly browned.
  • Drain and rinse tofu noodles, pressing out excess water.
  • Chop nori sheets into small strips. (I just fold it over several times and cut the strips with kitchen sheers.)
  • Add tofu noodles and seaweed strips to broth and vegetable mix and cook just long enough to heat noodles through.


  • Divide soup into 2 bowls.
  • Chop tofu and divvy up between the dishes.
  • Top with a light sprinkling of sesame seeds and serve.


*Miso tends to be high in sodium so be mindful of this if you have to watch sodium intake or are in a weight cut as the excess sodium can cause excess fluid retention.
**Feel feel to add mixed japanese mushrooms and different types of sea vegetables to stack the depth of flavor in this dish.
***The tofu noodles were used in this recipe as I am currently on a weight cut for competition.  Obviously, you are welcome to sub these out for whatever you like. Soba would surely make a good stand in. 

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