While I do my utmost to accommodate the schedules and lives of our clients, please note that the time and life of a trainer is also important. When scheduling to work with a personal trainer, that trainer is dedicating their time prior to that appointment in planning your session based around your needs and is holding your scheduled time for you as opposed to offering it to someone else. Because of this, adequate notice must be given for cancellations/reschedules and may still result in the client losing paid sessions based on policy and the discretion of the trainer.


24 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment must be given to cancel your training appointment. Cancellations after this point will count same as a completed session (i.e., the client will not be expressly entitled to a make-up session nor a refund for the missed session).

Appointments cancelled greater than 24-hours prior may be rescheduled. However, the session to be reschedule will only hold for a period of 2 weeks following the originally scheduled training. Should client be unable to schedule within this time, the canceled session will be considered as completed and will not “roll over.”


Life happens. Kids get sick. Cars break down. I get it. Clients are allowed 2 short-notice (less than 24 hour) cancellations without a forfeiture of sessions. These sessions shall remain non-refundable but may be scheduled within a period of 2 weeks following the cancellation. Sessions not completed at this point will be considered satisfied.


Where a client frequently cancels and/or reschedules sessions, that client may be refused future services and removed from trainer books (i.e., we will drop you as a client with no eligibility for refund or future services). If you cannot commit to originally scheduled trainings, that should be discussed with your trainer to determine if a different day/time would be more suitable for you.

If irregular work schedules conflict with establishing a normal weekly schedule, please discuss this with me BEFORE signing up for coaching.

Know that my aim is to help you. Keeping you in a routine that strategically moves you toward your goals is key and cannot be subject to whims or chaotic schedules that lead to sporadic training that fades in and out constantly. If you can’t commit to being consistent, keeping you on the books is a disservice to you.


Except where trainer is unable to fulfill services purchased, client shall not be entitled to refunds for purchased live or online personal training or nutritional coaching services.

I strive to provide packages and pricing that make payment convenient for clients with minimal loss to the client should the client relocate or otherwise wish to discontinue services. With that, as clients secure session packages/subscriptions, schedules are consequently adjusted to accommodate the client for anticipated services (this means other clients may be turned away so long as that slot is considered taken to the loss of the trainer and other potential clients).


It is important that you remain committed to your own health and wellness goals. Being honest (not cruel), if you’re not truly committed to achieving your goals, we will not be a good fit to work together. I say that in love. I don’t want to waste your time and money. I can provide the tools to help you accomplish great things in this area but I can’t make you do the work and I can’t do it for you. I need you determined to realize the changes you’re after.

I only have so much time in my day. I want clients I can help in overhauling their lives, not just to lose weight but to gain life. If that’s not you, I do wish you all the best and thank you for checking out my site/services. Please feel free to reconnect as the time is right for you and your ready to hit this head on!

Thank you.