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Kid's Books

These children’s books are the first of a series all written in poetic, Seuss-like rhyme and charm to entertain while engaging children in discussions on healthy living.

These books are available in print & e-book format through book distributors around the globe.  I look forward to the day I get to release the rest of this collection.  Thank you for all the ways your support helps make that happen!

The world of childrens health gets reinvigorated with stories that entertain, educate, and inspire kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The Good, the Bad & the Broccoli imparts a fun and poetic zest on the classic story of a little boy whod love to do most anything but eat his vegetables. As fate would have it, he finds himself faced with the inevitable, inescapable, and inconceivable prospect of actually having to put that stuff in his mouth. Still, alls not lost as he quickly discovers what hes really been missing all along and wholeheartedly embraces his newfound love for healthy, wholesome foods.

Little Elise finds herself in quite the quandary when she’s awakened by strange sounds coming from her family’s kitchen in the middle of the night. Startled yet intrigued, she grows increasingly fascinated by the culinary antics and alluring aromas that keep drawing her to the kitchen in anticipation.

No doubt, she would never be the same as one bite opens her up to a world of possibilities. Amidst a rather awkward situation, her family learns to prepare delicious meals from scratch, and gains a new appreciation of healthy, home-cooked foods.

Let children explore the many methods of food preparation, from baking and broiling to steaming and sauteeing in this poetic culinary classic, It Came from the Cupboard.

Rock the Wear

What’s better than being in the gym?  

Loving what you’re wearing while in the gym.