You were born to soar

Unleashed - Released - Set Free

it's time to walk it out

Before we can really learn to take our stand in our health, we first must learn to take our knees in our lives.

All throughout scriptures we’re graced with words of admonition, encouragement and incredible wisdom.  What I personally find peculiar is the discrepancy between our readiness to talk about health in a preventative context and healing for damage already done. 

When I look at the world we live in, this beautiful, remarkable creation (yes, that includes you!), I see the work of an incredibly brilliant and loving God.  As we consider how His creation is designed and sustained, I don’t know about you but I’m ever in awe.  I never hit a point where I cease to be amazed by it.  Life truly is full of splendor.

Yet, how often do we as the church miss it?  How many Christians are outright stuck and desperate for an answer?  How many have settled for lives so far short of what they could be living?

To be sure, I absolutely believe God is still in the healing business and I don’t limit my definition of “miracle” to that which we see instantaneously.  The fact that He made our bodies to heal and has surrounded us with provision, knowledge, wisdom and other people with incredible gifts is a blessing beyond words.  It’s a blessing beyond words that genetics and personal history don’t have to have the final say over our future and it is even more remarkable that each and everyone of us have the opportunity to be game-changers in our generation, mighty warriors who get to stand in the gap between the generations that came before us and those that will come after. 

I am all about health and wellness.  I’ve seen the devastation of it lacking and I’ve lived the beauty of it being restored.  It’s air I breathe but not just because I love healthy food, skinny jeans and a good workout.  

I love people. 

I love life and I’m grateful. 

I believe in the provision and power of God to sustain health and restore it.

I can’t thank God enough for every opportunity I get to equip and empower others to take hold of the “life more abundantly” He gave everything to give. 

I don’t know if that’s a little more of what you’re looking for – I hope it is.  If so, I’m inviting you to prayerfully consider coming alongside me in this journey.  I won’t promise it will be easy but I do promise that it will be worth it. 

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

My Values

Being in accord is incredibly important if I’m to help you on this journey.  I happen to love that there is so much diversity in the church and believe we all have much to learn from each other. 

At the present, I attend Outpouring Church here in Lancaster, PA where I serve on the Prayer Team and Security Team.  I absolutely adore our church family as it is comprised of a diverse group of lively, faith-filled believers who aren’t afraid to pray in bold faith to see God move in big ways.  Every service and effort is marked by love, kindness and compassion as we come together in worship, fellowship and connection. 

All of these are values I hold dear and look to share with others not just in Sunday service but in life on the whole.  

Bible on a wooden desk
  • I believe the Word of God to be the Word of God and in taking God at His Word.
  • I believe in trusting God for big things.
  • I believe there’s nothing more important or powerful than walking in intimate fellowship with Him every chance we get.

ministry experience

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to minister in various capacities (and I say that with humility and gratitude, surely as no boast).  I’ve had the honor of leading bible studies in our previous church and out of my home; with children and adults; from a kitchen table and from a pulpit; teaching live classes at unique locations such as the local health food store, and online to people across the globe. To be honest, the older I get, the less I care for standing front and center where I’d rather be alone with the Lord, covered in dirt, playing out in my organic garden.  BUT, my heart for health and wellness just won’t let me do that. 

This is too important.  So, I’m ever on a mission to press in and press on to see as many lives restored as possible. 


Growing up in a Southern home on standard American foods, I knew very little about health and very much about sickness.  It wasn’t until I walked through my own healing journey that I saw firsthand the power of wielding the tools God has given us to achieve true wellness. 

In seeing the deep connection between our spiritual, mental and physical health, I started digging deeper.  I began studying most everything I could get my hands on, learning about nutrition, natural health alternatives, fitness along with the biblical wellness principles that not only made more sense of it all but made it all stick.  In 2015, I completed my certification in Integrative Wellness Counseling through New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies.  I soon thereafter completed the Faith and Health Ambassador program through Faith and Health Connection.

In 2017, having made bounds in my own progress with fitness, I obtained my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) where I later went on to complete their Fitness Nutrition Specialization and Metabolic Makeover programs.

I quickly developed a somewhat extensive library and ever work to acquire more tools to do what I feel the Lord has called me to do: EQUIP and EMPOWER His people that they could walk in true health freedom.


Biblical wellness counseling offers a more comprehensive holistic approach to achieving the life the Lord desires for you. Within sessions, we will discuss matters of nutrition, natural health alternatives, fitness, and the mental and spiritual components that are key to success in realizing your life potential. 


1 Month (3 Sessions)
$ 299
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals, upon request
  • 2 Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)
  • Biblical & Science-Based Recommendations & Planning


3 Months (6 Sessions)
$ 549
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • 5 Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)
  • Progress Tracking & Feedback
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals, upon request
  • E-mail/Text Message Support between Sessions
  • Biblical & Science-Based Recommendations & Planning


6 Months (12 Sessions)
$ 999
  • One-on-One Sessions Live or Online
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analysis of Client History, Health Profile & Lifestyle
  • Custom Nutritional Plan based on Your Metabolic Profile & Goals, upon request
  • 11 Bi-Weekly Follow-Up Sessions (~60 Minutes Each)
  • Progress Tracking & Feedback
  • E-mail/Text Message Support between Sessions
  • Biblical & Science-Based Recommendations & Planning

Initial consultation

Must be completed as part of onboarding process for all new clients.
$ 149 One-Time Fee
  • Initial Lifestyle & Goal Assessment
  • One-on-One Session Live or Online
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Tools & Resources to Jumpstart Your Journey

Biblical Wellness Counseling

All services are prepaid by the month. All new clients must plan to complete an initial consultation prior to receiving any other coaching services.
$ 75 Per Session
  • One-on-One Coaching Session Live or Online
  • Text Message Support between Sessions
  • Biblical & Science-Based Recommendations & Planning
  • Behavior Change Coaching
  • Prayer & Ongoing Support
  • Genuine Vested Interest in Your Success

Personal Nutrition Plan

Program Development Fee
$ 149 Add-On
  • Custom plan to achieve your nutritional goals of weight loss, weight gain, or overall wellness
  • Tracking & Feedback*
  • Plans to accomodate dietary needs and preferences, including: gluten-free, low-glycemic and more
  • Healthy, Sustainable Nutritional Planning
  • Balance Your Gut & Your Body
  • Improve Energy & Focus
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian options available
  • No Crash Diets

Level Up Your Life

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